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~Episode 66~Elephants Don't Share With Lemurs

~Episode 66~ Elephants Don't Share With Lemurs Well, here we are again with another episode of the Sensei Said So Show and believe me its a must listen. Your host's Terry Burden(Terry Burden ENT.) , Zac Ivie (Get It Write Records),VO Sensei(Muzic Clan), and Shado "Da Villain"(Muzic Clan)dive back in to the hot topics that are ravaging our communities and the whole world at large. Terry Burden dives deep into the real world economic consequences with his fellow co hosts that he believes we are facing and about to hit head on very soon. Shado breaks down the right way to "Roast a Pig" and Zac Ivie and VO Sensei spread the love and ideology of the police enforcing noise ordinance in residential areas and more. Dont forget to subscribe to the Sensei Said So Show on iTunes, Google Play or any where podcast can be found.

Music Listed in order of appearance Struggle- VO Sensei( Blur-Zac Ivie ( Foreign Exhange -Shado( NevaStopme - Shado Devils Are Not Welcome-VO Sensei (Podcast Exclusive)

podcast Produced by:Brandon Isbell Of WGK Music L.L.C.

Released by:Get It Write Records LLC , Terry Burden ENT. & Muzic Clan LLC

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