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You Help Me By Letting Me Help You

Most of the time when I post on social media, it is a message I have reflected on by speaking it in the mirror to your pal Ter. Tonight is no different. Been challenged by Covid, complicated by past mistakes. We all have regrets; they feel personal and isolating. I have had mine.

The thing is, we’re all under pressure now. I think of soo very many friends who have lost jobs and incomes, security and assurity. Here’s the thing - please, resist the urge to look at people who have not lost these things and assume They Have It Easy. I have done that, I admit. But we are in a time of great equalization. Please...look within yourself and remember that You Are Made Of Magic Stuff. The challenges of this world wound each of us, but it still remains a personal resolve to meet the challenge or succumb.

I have teetered. I have come close to the edge. I am still hurting. But today I went to that mirror and I reminded Terry Burden...You Are Magic, my dear. MAGIC.

Its true. It is true of YOU TOO. I get too focussed on the outcome. My inspirational mentor Christopher Stearman reminds me its not so much the outcome of your journey as it is the way you carry yourself along the way.

I have a lot to accomplish to get to where I wanna be. I’m sure you do too. I am fn cheering for you...we are all fighting tough battles that are often deeply lonely. All of us.

If you are reading this post, please know that I Am With You. I am still going because YOU have had a kind, encouraging word for me along the way. And I’m not gonna let you down. I’m not, damnit. So if you need somebody to listen in the midst of this lonely storm, lemme know. I’ve got time for you. Seems to me like Facebook can just as beautifully bring us together as it has torn so many apart.

Lets go. LET’S GO.

Pure love, friend.

Your Pal Ter

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