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My Background

Terry Burden.  I entertain and enlighten. I am as comfortable playing and singing music in front of hundreds of friends as I am sitting at the negotiating table or building a valuation analysis of a multimillion dollar company.  As a longtime financial analyst and intellectual property development specialist, my insights into business processes and value give me a keen eye for success in people and enterprises.  As an entertainer, I’m a natural.  I was born to stand in front of people and share a message.  Simple as that.

After an extended tenure consulting in the C-suites of America’s leading businesses, I returned to my first love and my early roots in music and live performance.  In 2011, I entered a new phase of my career, taking the chair as host of Park City Television’s Mountain Views program.  For seven years, five nights a week, I produced a live television talk show with live music that I curated and engineered.  Presently, I am entertaining audiences with original musical compositions in the Terry Burden Project.  I never thought I’d have the guts to name a band after myself, but I wanted to.  So I did.  At least you’ll know who’s playin’.  No Dinosaur Jr for me...

I am a graduate of Drake University and Vanderbilt University’s Owen School of Management; my strong educational roots provide the cornerstone for my current activities. 

In the hothouse of almost-post-Covid 2020, I am focussed on bringing my left- and right-brain abilities together in Terry Burden Enterprises, an initiative that will create entertainment content, communications and business value for clients and partners.